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Resources for Clubs, Councils and Industry

In this section you will find many of Surf Life Saving?s resources such as the factsheets and beach safety initiative collateral. The resources in this section have been tailored to allow Surf Life Saving services, Local Government and other watersafety industry organizations to add their logos for printing purposes if they are used in any public education programs.

By providing these resources, we aim to:

1.    Extend the benefit of Surf Life Saving resources by ensuring that beach safety educators are able to access and use beach safety education tools.

2.    Ensure that no beach safety educators are disadvantaged where resources are limited.

3.    Increase the consistency of beach safety resources being presented to the public.

Surf Life Saving would also encourage your organization to provide a link to as a source of beach information and coastal safety information.

If you do intend on using the resources, please inform Surf Life Saving Australia by emailing or calling +61 (2) 9215 8000.

If you have any suggestions about this section, please email


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