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Get Involved!

Get Involved!


Nothing beats learning from an experienced surf lifesaver, and there are a range of programs and activities that are perfect to get anyone involved!

Surf Ed: More than just fun and games

The premiere program designed to teach you everything you need to know about the surf! 

When we think about learning to swim, it usually starts in a pool. As summer rolls around we head to the beach brimming with confidence. However, staying safe at the beach requires specific knowledge and skills. Surf Ed fills the gap between the pool and the surf, giving you the confidence to enjoy our coastline safely. 

The program's designed not just to develop key skills for the surf, but under the watchful eye of our experienced lifesavers you've have heaps of fun and build your confidence. There's even 5 stages, so there's a course to suit everyone!

We cater and customise programs for a range of participants including:

  • Schools
  • Holiday Programs
  • Tourist Groups
  • Multicultural Community Groups
  • All age groups

Can't get to the beach? Surf Ed is also offers presentaions by professional lifesavers in classrooms and workplaces!

First Aid and Resuscitation (CPR) Courses

If you were faced with an emergency, would you know what to do?

You can join in one of our First Aid or Resuscitation (CPR) courses, or book one for your own group!

These courses prepare you to provide first aid response, life support and management of casualties, the incident and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance. 

These courses can be provided in the classroom, workplace, or just about anywhere.

Join a Surf Club

One of the best ways to learn surf skills and to receive training in first aid and resuscitation is to join a surf club. Click here to go to our special Join page and begin your journey with surf life saving.

Want something special?

If you have any special considerations for requirements for your program just ask!


To get involved in a course contact Surf Life Saving by clicking on your state below:
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