For first time users

Moving around the resource using the navigation bar

The first screen you will come to is pictured below. It provides two navigation choices.

ema home navigation

Clicking the blue and white 'Introduction to Tsunami' tab will take you to the part of the resource related to emergency management. The example below shows that you are in the 'What is a tsunami?' section, looking at the 'What are the myths?' page.

ema navigation

The 'Surf Life Saving Australia' section of the resource works in the same way but with a red background.

The example below shows that you are in the 'Surf Life Saving Australia' tab, 'Coastal safety' section, looking at the 'Coastal conditions and tsunami' page. You can use these buttons to go to any section of the site at any time.

slsa navigation style

Moving around the resource using the forward and back buttons

Each page has a forward button forward or next button and a back button back button. You can move easily from one page to the next using these buttons.

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Moving around the resource using links

The 'Causes of tsunami' section has links to individual pages with more information. The example below demonstrates this. You will need to click on the 'Click here to return to 'Causes of tsunami' page to return.

extra links

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Using the magnifying glass to open a larger image

Some of the images in the resource have a small magnifying glass on the bottom panel. These images can be viewed full size on a new page by clicking on the image area. You need to remember to close the window when you have finished looking at the image. To close the window, click on the cross in the top right hand corner. You can practice on the map below.

map with a magnifying glass

If the new window is too small to see the whole photograph or map, you can make it bigger by:

  • dragging the mouse to the lower right hand corner of the window until it forms a double arrow, and clicking and dragging the image out or;
  • clicking on the 'maximise' button in the centre of the top right hand corner buttons.

The other way to view more of the image is to use the scroll bars.

click and drag double arrow to enlarge window

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Watching a video

To start the video click on the play button on the bottom right hand corner of the frame.

video sequence appearance

Once the video starts, the following buttons will appear:

  • The restart button will take the video back to the first screen.
  • The pause button lets you stop the video at any time.
  • The play button will restart the video.
  • There may be a back button, not shown here, to move back in steps.
  • There is also a progress bar that lets you know how much more video there is to see.

video control buttons

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Information about the meaning of words

Some of the words used in the resource are in bold. These words have a precise meaning. The resource contains a glossary that explains their meanings.


colour band