NEWCASTLE BIGHT/STOCKTON Beach is patrolled and has green covid status

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Birubi Point beach (NSW 239a) begins immediately south of the low rocks of the point. The Birubi Point SLSC (founded 1995) and adjacent car park are located on the point and provide an excellent view down the long beach. The surf club patrols both the northern end of the main beach, as well as looking after the adjacent Birubi Point beach (Fig. 4.139). Be careful if swimming at either beach as waves are often large and rips dominate, particular against the rocks. Stay in the patrol area between the flags. South of Birubi Point massive sand dunes extend 25 km down the beach to Fern Bay. The only access to this section is by 4WDs, which are permitted on the beach and in sections of the dunes. There is even a small collection of fishing shacks in amongst the dunes. This is an exposed unpatrolled high-energy, rip-dominated section, so use care if entering the surf.
Beach Length: 0.026km
General Hazard Rating: 7/10

Patrolled Beach Flag Patrols

There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach. Please take the time to browse the Surf Safety section of this website to learn more about staying safe when swimming at Australian beaches. Click here to visit general surf education information.


Formal parking area
Formal parking area



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