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Wommin Bay runs from Fingal Head for 6.4 km south to Cudgen Headland. It contains a continuous sandy beach known as Dreamtime in the north and centre and Kingscliff in the south, with Cudgen Headland Surf Club at the southern end, surrounded by Kingscliff township. This is a popular beach just off the Pacific Highway, with a car park and access on the south side of Fingal Head in the north and Kingscliff in the south, as well as from the road that runs between Wommin Lake and the beach. Towards Kingscliff are two beachfront caravan parks, and next to the surf club a park and car park. Its early popularity led to the formation of the surf club in 1922. The first clubhouse was opened in January 1924 the same day the Wommin Bay Road was opened, which ensured the growing popularity of the beach. The beach is backed by low dunes for most of its length, providing a natural appearance. It is composed of fine sand which, combined with its exposure to most waves, produces an energetic two bar surf zone and numerous rips. Wave energy is highest in the centre-north where an attached inner bar cut by rips every 300 to 400 m dominates, with a deep trough separating it from the more widely spaced rips of the outer bar. This system continues down to Kingscliff, however, the vicinity of the southern caravan park and the surf club, the presence of Cudgen Creek and headland influences the beach. The moderate protection provided by the headland combined with the tidal shoals of the creek produce a permanent, yet variable sand shoal that periodically sends pulses of sand (sand waves) north along the beach. The sand waves are evident as a prominent bar and equally prominent trough and rip that sweep to the north. These conditions can produce great surf for the board riders, but also generate a hazardous northward current for the bathers, conditions that contribute to the average of 12 rescues each year. Also, tidal currents sweep in and out of Cudgen Creek and rocks are present in the surf south of the surf club.
Beach Length: 0.00374km
General Hazard Rating: 6/10

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There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach. Please take the time to browse the Surf Safety section of this website to learn more about staying safe when swimming at Australian beaches. Click here to visit general surf education information.




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