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Salt/Casuarina is a sub-section of Bogangar Beach. Bogangar Beach runs almost due north-south for 8km from Cudgen Headland and Creek to the rocks, just north of Norries Head. Access in the north is from a car park located just past the bridge over Cudgen Creek. For most of its length, it is paralleled by a sealed road about 200m in from the beach, which provides occasional car access to the beach. A single 4WD access is located just north of Bogangar township for a limited number of permit holders. A the southern end in lee of Norries Head is the Cabarita Beach development, with Cabarita SLSX. The beach is backed by a 500m wide barrier that has been extensively mined for heavy minerals. Bogangar Beach is a double bar system with a rip dominated attached inner bar, a deep trough and an offshore bar cut by periodic rips. Cabarita Beach SLSC is located at the southern end with slight protection from Norries Head. While this protection lowers waves out of the south, periodic pulses of sand moving around the headland result in elongated bars running past the surf club. These are usually separated from the beach by a deep trough containing a northward current. Rip currents are features of this beach, with their location complicated by the variable bar location. This section of beach includes the holiday destination of Salt Village Kingscliff and the surrounding local residential communities. The large beach area extends from Cudgen Creek through to the Casuarina Town Centre. The central patrol location is opposite Salt SLSA, with the surf club providing regular weekend and public holiday coverage throughout the October to April months, with additional NSW School Holiday weekday coverage provided by Lifeguards. The Casuarina Beach patrol location is serviced by Lifeguards during NSW School Holidays. Club members perform an average of 8 rescues per year.

Patrolled Beach Flag Patrols

28 Apr
22 Apr
23 Apr
24 Apr
25 Apr
26 Apr
27 Apr
09:00 -15:00
09:00 -15:00
09:00 -15:00
Casuarina Beach (Lifeguards)
09:00 -17:00
09:00 -17:00
09:00 -17:00
09:00 -17:00
09:00 -17:00
09:00 -17:00
09:00 -17:00





SLSA provides this information as a guide only. Surf conditions are variable and therefore this information should not be relied upon as a substitute for observation of local conditions and an understanding of your abilities in the surf. SLSA reminds you to always swim between the red and yellow flags and never swim at unpatrolled beaches. SLSA takes all care and responsibility for any translation but it cannot guarantee that all translations will be accurate.