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South of White Bluff the coast trends south-southwest for 3.5 km to Korora Beach. This strip of predominately sandy shore contains six beaches (NSW 99-103) all composed of a mixture of sand and cobbles, fronted by a rocky seabed and several reefs including the Marsh Shoal located 2 km offshore, all of which lowers waves at the shore. Consequently the beaches tend to have waves averaging 1 m or less, which combines with the coarser beach sands to produce steep beaches with and without attached bars. The first beach (NSW 99) extends for 400 m between White Bluff and the low rocks and reefs of Reicks Point. It is a relatively steep beach with a continuous attached bar. It is backed by vegetated slopes rising to 40 m, with houses between the bluffs and the highway. Pelican Beach (NSW 100) continues south of the low rocks for 750 m to the next small rocky protrusion. It is backed by the Pelican and Nautilus resorts, then the highway. The beach is moderately steep and usually reflective, with rock reef offshore. Campbells Beach (NSW 101) continues south for another 800 m to a small rocky point. It is usually steep and narrow beach fronted by a continuous attached bar. It is backed by a few housing estates on slopes rising to the highway, which is located 250 m to the west. Access is limited to a steep track from Sapphire Beach settlement down to Riecks Point beach, and one road access down to Campbells Beach. Otherwise access is through the two resorts. On the south side of the small headland is a small steep 150 m long beach (NSW 102), with rocks in the southern surf zone. The beach is backed by well-vegetated 30 m high bluffs and can only be reached around the rocks to each end, resulting in a natural setting. Immediately south of the rocks is Hills Beach (NSW 103) a steep, reflective beach that extends for 600 m to the sandy tombolo that separates it from adjoining Korora Beach. Hills Beach also goes under the name of Opal Cove, as the Opal Cove Resort lies behind the northern half of the beach, with a small lagoon hard up against the northern headland. Public access is available at the southern end where there is a car park, toilets and picnic area, and a second small creek crossing the beach.)
Beach Length: 0.75km
General Hazard Rating: 4/10

Patrolled Beach Flag Patrols

There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach. Please take the time to browse the Surf Safety section of this website to learn more about staying safe when swimming at Australian beaches. Click here to visit general surf education information.


Formal parking area
Formal parking area




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