Darwin Recreation Lagoon Beach is patrolled and has green covid status

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A sea wall designed to protect the entire site from a 1:100 storm surge captures a permanent body of water providing for swimming and other water-based activities. Water is pumped in from the sea and the water quality is maintained through mechanical flushing and mixing. Mesh screens are in place to prevent marine stingers entering the Lagoon, and there is a stinger net providing more protection on the beach side. Further, lifeguards regularly drag and monitor the water and night spotting for marine stingers is carried out weekly. But, while the Darwin Waterfront Corporation takes all reasonable steps to ensure the Lagoon is free of marine stingers we can not guarantee this. A natural eco system exists including fish, algae, and Cassiopeia jellyfish. All play an important role maintaining a healthy environment. Large fish live in the Lagoon which at times have been known to brush up against swimmers. However, these large fish eat the jellyfish and we need them to keep the numbers down. If swimming with large fish isn’t the experience you are after then we encourage you to swim on the beach side of the stinger net, they are kept out of this area. Of course we will always monitor the situation and ask that people contact us if they have any concerns. Large fish are removed periodically. As part of the Darwin Waterfront Corporation’s management plan water quality in the Lagoon is checked regularly. The Recreation Lagoon is free to use. Information provided by the Darwin Waterfront Corporation.More information available at http://www.waterfront.nt.gov.au/darwin-waterfront-precinct/
Beach Length: 0.11km
General Hazard Rating: 2/11

Patrolled Beach Flag Patrols

04 Jul
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06 Jul
07 Jul
08 Jul
09 Jul
10 Jul
Darwin Wave Lagoon (Lifeguards)
10:00 -18:00
10:00 -18:00
10:00 -18:00
10:00 -18:00
10:00 -18:00
10:00 -18:00
10:00 -18:00
Darwin Recreation Lagoon (Lifeguards)
09:00 -18:00
09:00 -18:00
09:00 -18:00
09:00 -18:00
09:00 -18:00
09:00 -18:00
09:00 -18:00






SLSA provides this information as a guide only. Surf conditions are variable and therefore this information should not be relied upon as a substitute for observation of local conditions and an understanding of your abilities in the surf. SLSA reminds you to always swim between the red and yellow flags and never swim at unpatrolled beaches. SLSA takes all care and responsibility for any translation but it cannot guarantee that all translations will be accurate.