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Swimming is not recommended at these beaches. These beaches are UNPATROLLED. The closest patrolled beach is approx 700mtrs South at Port Kembla Beach. This is a relatively sheltered beach mainly used by fishers and generally unsuitable for swimming, owing to rocks and the sewer outlet. Port Kembla was initially chosen as a harbour owing to the protection afforded by Red Point, Big Island and Martin Islet, which extend 2 km seaward. Today the southern harbour breakwater attaches to the rocky shore 2.5 km north of Red Point and in between is a rock-dominated shoreline contains three moderately sheltered beaches (NSW 376-378). North beach (NSW 376) commences at a rocky point 350 m south of the breakwater and curves to the south for 600 m to the next set of low rocks. A road runs right behind the beach with parking on the street and the low bluffs at each end. A fence and the steel works extend west of the road. Waves refract around the point and islands average less than 1 m resulting in a reflective to low tide terrace beach usually free of rips. MM beach (NSW 377) continues immediately to the south for 300 m as a narrow strip of high tide sand fronted by 50 m wide rock flats. It is unsuitable for swimming, apart from a small natural tidal pool toward the northern end. It is bordered by a small 20 m high headland, on the southern side of which is Fishermans Beach (NSW 378). This beach like all beaches of the same name is a sheltered low wave beach. It lies at the base of 70 m high Illowra Hill where a lookout gives an excellent 360º view of the beach and Port Kembla. The beach is 500 m long, faces the northeast with low headlands at each end. The southern Red Point consists of the weathered 250 million-year-old volcanic rocks. The beach is accessible from a northern track with parking limited to the backing streets, while at the southern end a steep access track leads to a boat ramp across the beach. Waves average 0.5 m and the beach is usually steep and reflective with rock occurring in the water toward the southern end. While waves are usually low there is a sewer treatment works on the tip of Red Point, which discharges treated sewerage off the point.
Beach Length: 0.5km
General Hazard Rating: 3/10

Patrolled Beach Flag Patrols

There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach. Please take the time to browse the Surf Safety section of this website to learn more about staying safe when swimming at Australian beaches. Click here to visit general surf education information.


Formal parking area
Formal parking area




SLSA provides this information as a guide only. Surf conditions are variable and therefore this information should not be relied upon as a substitute for observation of local conditions and an understanding of your abilities in the surf. SLSA reminds you to always swim between the red and yellow flags and never swim at unpatrolled beaches. SLSA takes all care and responsibility for any translation but it cannot guarantee that all translations will be accurate.