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Ocean Beach (WA 444) is the surfing beach for the town of Denmark and site of the Denmark Surf Life Saving Club. The town is located 5 km north of the beach on the banks of the Denmark Inlet, which flows into Wilson Inlet.The inlet in turn flows into... Read more

Ocean Beach (WA 444) is the surfing beach for the town of Denmark and site of the Denmark Surf Life Saving Club. The town is located 5 km north of the beach on the banks of the Denmark Inlet, which flows into Wilson Inlet.The inlet in turn flows into the sea at Ocean Beach and its usually closed mouth forms the northern boundary of the beach. The southern boundary is the 100 m high Wilson Head. A sealed road from Denmark runs along the western shore of the inlet right to the beach, with two car parks on the bluffs at the southern end above the Surf Life Saving Club. A caravan park is located 500 m to the west just inside the inlet.The beach is about 500 m long, the length depending on the state of the inlet entrance. It faces east and receives moderate protection from the dominant southwesterly waves. It is backed by moderately steep, vegetated slopes rising to 20-30 m, with the Surf Life Saving Club perched on the slopes and the car park to the rear.Waves average over 1 m in front of the Surf Club, but rapidly increasing in height toward the inlet. The waves are sufficient to maintain a 100 m wide usually attached bar, with a permanent rip against the southern rocks. The bar detaches from the beach and the rips increase in size and intensive east of the inlet. When the inlet is open strong tidal currents usually flow just off and sometimes along the beach, so be careful as a double tragedy in the southern rip lead to the formation of the Surf Club.


This is a potentially hazardous beach, with the least hazardous swimming on the inner portion of the bar in front of the Surf Club. Be very careful if waves exceed 1 m, as strong rips are generated, including in the southern corner against Wilson Head. Do not swim near the inlet, particularly if it is open. Strong rips prevail from the inlet east.


Ocean Beach is a popular surfing spot with beach breaks right along the beach and east past the inlet. Point Walton is a 120 m high headland formed of calcarenite-capped Proterozoic gneiss. It forms the boundary between Ratcliffe Bay to the east, and the next beach system to the west, which commences at the point and extends 5 km west to Light Beach. The once continuous beach has been eroded and now consists of eight, southwest-facing, rocks and reef bound remnants (WA 445-452). The beaches are backed by a continuous densely vegetated Holocene transgressive dune system that extends up to 3 km northeast to reach the shores of Wilson Inlet and Ocean Beach. The dunes overlie Pleistocene calcarenite, which outcrops along the beach as beachrock reef and calcarenite bluffs. The only vehicle access is in the west at beach WA 450.

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There are currently no services provided by Surf Life Saving Australia for this beach. Please take the time to browse the Surf Safety section of this website to learn more about staying safe when swimming at Australian beaches. Click here to visit general surf education information.

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Ocean Beach (Lifeguards)



Ocean Beach, WA 6333


General Beach Hazard Rating:
7/10 (Highly hazardous)

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Friday 26, May 8:04 am

Day 17°    Night 12°
Possible shower

Water Temperature  20°C



Wind: Westerly 20 to 25 knots, reaching up to 30 knots early in the morning. Winds turning southwesterly early in the morning.
Swell: Southwesterly 3 to 5 metres.
Seas: 2 to 3 metres, decreasing to 1.5 to 2 metres during the morning.
Weather: Partly cloudy. 80% chance of showers.


10 am
3 am
7 pm


Index: 2 (Low)

Sun protection not recommended


128 km

radar helper


Saturday 27, May

Day 17°    Night 10°
Shower or two



Wind: South to southwesterly 15 to 20 knots.
Swell: Southwesterly 3 to 4 metres, decreasing to 3 metres during the afternoon.
Seas: 1 to 1.5 metres, decreasing to 1 metre during the morning.
Weather: Cloudy. 70% chance of showers.


11 am
8 pm


Index: 2 (Low)

Sun protection not recommended


Fri 26, May to Fri 02, Jun



Wind: Southwesterly 10 to 15 knots turning westerly during the day.
Swell: Southwesterly 2 to 3 metres, decreasing to 2 metres during the evening. 2nd
Seas: Around 1 metre, increasing to 1 to 1.5 metres offshore west of Albany during the afternoon. 1st
Weather: Cloudy. 50% chance of showers.



Fri 26th 2 (Low) Sun protection not recommended
Sat 27th 2 (Low) Sun protection not recommended
Sun 28th 2 (Low) Sun protection not recommended
Mon 29th 2 (Low) Sun protection not recommended

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